Money earned with winning new customers - What's New in RapidShare?

Saturday, June 13, 2009 Leave a Comment

When a few days ago, I login to my collectors zone in RapidShare.Com, I see something new there. I see "Money earned with winning new customers: 18 euro (9 RefererPoints. Exchange-Rate: 2 Euro pro RefererPoint)" under the description of the account. What does it mean? Then I tried to ask my friend who happens also have the collectors account, and that amount of money earned that is different from mine. What that means is we can get revenue from the Collector's Account form of money?

When I try to click on the link "winning new customers" and "Exchange-Rate" appears that the information will be notified 1-2 days to come. Until this time there is no news from the Rapidshare recognize this, hopefully it just becomes a reality, and with the account collectors we can get the money and the point that we can exchange with a premium membership in RapidShare.Com.

Below is a screenshot of my collector's account.

Money earned with winning new customers - What's New in RapidShare?


  • Facebook Usernames - Latuminggi said:  

    Congratz bro.. You must be happy with it.. :D

  • harry seenthing said:  

    wah sekarang dah rubah linggis yah kang, wah lama juga saya gag main ke sini....bagaimana kabarnya kang

  • riez said:  

    Hehehehe,,, dari dulu kali kang :D

  • GROU.PS - Latuminggi said:  

    wah gokil, uangnya nambah terus nih, slamat lah bro.. :D

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