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Saturday, June 13, 2009 Leave a Comment

Finding a job is very difficult right now because there are a lot applicants but the job is very limited. Most of companies are finding for the skillful applicants that have more abilities. Since the industrial fields are using technology such as machine and computer, so they will find the applicants that have an IT competence.

For you who are one of the applicants should consider this requirement. Seeing this requirement, CountryWideTraining.Com allows you to learn more about IT in facing industrial era. From the IT training program, you will have certification boot camps that covered some IT competences. They know that you need this certificate right away so they will train you to be a professional in IT program only for a week but they keep the quality by giving you some tasks to do and problem solving discussion.

You can take some IT programs from this certification camp including Microsoft boot camps, data bases program and many others. They will train you on a small class so all the students understand with the explanation and the lecturers can see the progress of their students. In the end, you can use cisco boot camp to improve your career and become an IT professional.


  • marsudiyanto said:  

    Selalu ke sini tapi selalu nggak tau harus komentar apa, karena saya nggak bisa Inggris...

  • riez said:  

    @Pak Mar,
    Nda pa2, longokannya juga dah merupakan kehormatan :)

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