SEO Friendly Directory, What is that?

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A link to your site will count only if it's possible for the search engines to scan your back-link. When you do submit links of your website to a free general directory, you'll need to verify if the link you get from the directory would be counted by the search engines. You will find directories that give out links which are not counted by the search engines, this mean they are not SEO Friendly Directory links.

First of all, "how to recognize a seo friendly directory tips" may apply with success on different websites, blogs and forums, as they work on the same principles.

How to do that? How to see if a website is seo-friendly?

First of all, you need to take a look at the source page of the website that you are visiting. To do that, right-click the web page, and then click on "View Source" (in IE), or "View Page Source" (in Firefox), or simple go to your browser menu and search for "View" TAB, and then choose "Page Source". There are a few things a websites needs to do to ensure its seo-friendly: 1) There shouldn't be a META nofollow or noindex tag on the link pages.

In the page source, if you find the following code in it: <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"> then the links on that page wouldn't be counted by the search engines. The 'noindex' portion of the code tells the search engines to ignore and skip that page and the 'nofollow' tells it not to follow or count any of the links on the page. So even if one of those parameters exists in the meta tag of the link or category page, that website or blog is not a seo friendly website.

2) The links shouldn't have a 'rel=nofollow' tag on them Nofollow attribute may be assigned to specific links. If the links on a page are displayed in the following format: <a href=http://www.domain.com rel='nofollow'>Domain</a>, that link is not counted by the search engines as the 'nofollow' tag again tells the SE to ignore the link.

3) The links shouldn't be generated in JavaScript If you view the coded section of the links page and see that the links are being displayed in a coded format other than the standard <a href="></a> linking method, then there's a good chance that the link is being displayed through a script, which would not be counted by the search engines, so it's better to stay away from those websites.

4) The links shouldn't be redirected Some websites link out through indirect links, for example like <a href="http://www.domain.com/link.php?site_id=100">Your Website</a>. These types of links are not valuable for SEO as they're not direct links to the website.

5) The URL of the links page contains too many parameters Pay attention at this type of linking : "http://www.domain.com/link.php?u=xyz&page=1001&url=main" Some webmasters believe that this particular type of linking with too many parameters are not indexed correctly by Search Engines, and if they do, they consider those type of link a less valuable linking urls. So if a website, forum, blog or directory to be considered seo-friendly websites, thy need to pass all the steps mentioned above.

by Cris Tucker


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  • riez said:  

    I'll check it, thanks Septi :)

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