New USB Safely Remove 4.1 is Available for Public Beta Testing

Thursday, May 28, 2009 Leave a Comment

New USB Safely Remove 4.1Have a problem when you remove the USB device from your PC or Laptop? Of this very activity disrupt your work. Sure you worry if forced out your USB devices without first turning off all the activities related to program the device.

In a different case, a USB media is a means of effective dissemination of the virus infection of thousands of PC each day. By using the default autorun feature of Windows operating systems, automatically or unconsciously PC Laptops we have entered the malware or trojans.

However, there was a tool that can resolve the issue, is the cable that can be USB Safely Remove overcome both problems at once. With the features and support that is sophisticated compatibilities control activities as well as a USB device to monitor and block malicious programs that run automatically when the device is entered.

The good news, now you can try the free features and reliability USB Safety Remove for free before you decide to buy it. Learn just what features of this tool is complete?

Powerful and handy program autorun feature
Powerful and handy program autorun feature
Unlimited number of processes to launch
You may specify to launch any number of processes for specified event. For example you may setup launching a backup of the drive before stopping and following disomounting of a TrueCrypt volume

Optional command line parameters
You may pass such device parameters as drive letter, drive label, device PNP name into the process command line via parameter templates (e.g. this command line will browse a drive in Explorer on device connection: explorer.exe %DriveLetter%)

New events to launch programs
Now programs can be launched after device plugging, before device stopping, after device stopping and after device removing

Global autorun
You can setup a program to be launched not only for certain device, but for all hotplug devices in the system

One click templates!

One click templates!
Dislike reading boring documentation, but interested in one of the following things?
Browsing a drive with Explorer or Total Commander on device connection
Scanning a device for viruses on its connection
Making automatic backup of a flash-drive folder
Automatic mounting and dismounting a TrueCrypt volume stored on a device

They have prepared autorun templates which will allow you to setup all the listed actions with a few mouse clicks, without reading documentation of the mentioned programs.

Interesting to try this Beta Version?
Lets try with me!


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