My First Payment from BidVertiser

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 Leave a Comment

Email Love From BidvertiserAfter long day wait, with a little worry, finally its has been paid by receive a Love Letter from Bidvertiser. When I receive the email, I had a bit suspicious with them, but in fact, its not just email without mean.

Alhamdulillah, the turnover of 30 days this email came to notify the amount of $25.54 that have been successfully transferred to the my PayPal account. Glad? Huge Glad!!! cause this is my first income from Money for Blog.

You can see the proof of screenshoot below here !

Confirmation Email form Bidvertiser

When I check to my PayPal Account, I found transaction activity go through this day, first from BidVertiser and the second, Alhamdulillah, is from Blogvertise.

Complete Transaction Report in my PayPal Account
I'm sure, that all of you has get bigger than me, but I'm very blessing even I got just for a little. Alhamdulillah. So, I get more spirit and more focus to manage my blog, rather than just stay and quite hehe...

To all of you that doesn't have account in BidVertiser, I advise you to try as Publisher, or if among of you have a product that sale by internet, BidVertiser network can be your alternative partner to promote your product.

Excess bidvertiser than Google Adsense Payout is its nominal lower payment also can be via PayPal with a minimum of $ 10, the ads that we show we can also select-select, the system reports a simple and clear.

The pronounce of BidVertiser than Google Adsense is the minimum payout is lower, when your balance get at least $10 you will receive the payment through you PayPal account.

I ever ask to BidVertiser "why the ads is not show up again ?" their answers.. BidVertiser partner who targeted Indonesia as they market for ads is quite little. So I suggest you all, beside put BidVertiser ads in our blog, that in fact is use local language, I think its better to fill the space for the ads in English. I've been check, there is 1 ads is get price for $10 just for one click, is it priceless
?!! hehe....

Well, that's it for this time. This post is not for show up, I just want to share my happiness and make you sure for who else that had doubted with BidVertiser.

Success for you all, lets joint BidVertiser! and course, Let's Thinks
Free with a2i3s!


  • Bang Ir said:  

    selamat ya,....!

  • beybes_08 said:  

    I have a question though, what does BidVertiser do? I mean, if I have a blog, can I have it registered there? Will it bring more traffic to my site? Or will it pay me if I have traffic to my site?

  • a2i3s said:  

    Thanks Bang Ir, :)

    Hi beybes_08, BidVertiser its a Paid Per Click Program like Google Adsense. You must have traffic to your own blog, and BidVertiser will be paid if your visitor click the ads.

  • aisyah84 said:  

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  • a2i3s said:  

    Thanks for your info @aisyah84, lets I see. :)

  • Atca said:  

    Bikin blog baru lagi nie?

  • _subhan_ said:  

    asiknya dapet duid...

  • BOGCESS said:  

    Cool! I stopped bidvertiser last 2 months because it really didn't earn me that much. I only accumulated more than $3. Good for you.

    Earn Pera Online

  • online business said:  

    Congrat! May you get more on the next..

  • Lyla said:  

    selamat ya... wahhh... blognya baru ya masih ada tulisan2 aneh diatas hehe...

  • a2i3s said:  

    ahahaha, *Males ngBlog ModeON*

    Thanks mba Lyla, ;)

  • pemulung said:  

    yg mana website yg dipasangin bidvertisernya?

  • pakar clcikbank said:  

    hello i alrweady gor amout 23.63 so how i apply payment ? can teach me thanks ..

  • a2i3s said:  

    @pakar clcikbank,

    just input your paypal account, and set payment method to paypal. The payment automatic sent to your paypal next mount if your clicks are valid.

  • satya said:  

    is it real

  • Richard said:  

    Bidvertiser is just another ways to make money online, anyways congratulations.. right now I'm also waiting for my bidvertiser payout. I cant wait to receive it in my paypal account.. How long did it takes before you receive it?

  • MrVoodoo said:  

    SCAM WARNING!!!!! Do not give Bidvertiser your bank account details, they have taken large amounts of money from my bank without notice or permission. Their phone support goes unanswered and no e-mail response. If you have given Bidvertiser your bank card details then I strongly suggest that you cancel that card immediately! Bidvertiser are nothing more than a common thief!!!!

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