January Top EC Dropper in My Old Blog

Thursday, February 5, 2009 Leave a Comment

EntrecardDuring the few days I made busy for switching my new domain from the old blog, apologize to the friends who have been dropping EC on my blog has not been in a few days I do not visit back. Well, here are the Top EC Dropper in the month january. I say thank you to all the friends who have visited my blog and dropping my EC, finally, enjoy with backlink from my new blog, hehe.

And this is the list of Top 10 EC Dropper in the Month of January, Thank you very much.

EntreCard Top Dropper in January at http://thinksfree.info
- www.ThemeLib.com #31
- http://all-blogspot-templates.blogspot.com/ #27
- http://all-contests.blogspot.com/ #27
- ThemeLib Contest #23 (Blog Deleted)
- http://datas-recovery.blogspot.com #16
- http://www.adsenseaddict.com #14
- Student Loan Consolidation FAQ #14 (Blog Deleted)
- http://www.artjoolree.com #14
- Speak Wealth Now! #14 (Blog Deleted)
- http://mindrelaxingideas.blogspot.com/ #11


  • buzandroses said:  

    Wow.. thinksfree.info. Awesome as always

    congratz & good luck

  • a2i3s said:  

    Hi Buzz, Thanks! Long time i'm not see you. hehe... How your exam? I hope its no problem for you, ^^

  • Masenchipz said:  

    mantab :)

  • buzandroses said:  

    I have just finished my exam :)


  • My Journey said:  

    selamat buat yang menjadi top dropper

  • Hesham said:  

    It seem you are doing good with entrecard.. Good luck!

  • Paman Gober Ikut Pemilu 2009 said:  

    wew.. I want to but... there is so much I would have do..


  • _subhan_ said:  

    wow, amazing... :D
    nice inpo bro...

    main2 k gubuk ya, ad inpo ttg modzilla

  • Muhammad Amantra said:  

    Anybody sell/buy ec?
    just asking?

  • lunaticg said:  

    That is an active drop from everyone.
    See you around.

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