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"Adamo" a mystery from Dell

Saturday, January 10, 2009 Leave a Comment

Dell released a website that was featuring adamobydell.com. That to the page of the face only was inscribed with ADAMO BY DELL, and was supervised this article was most notable a COMING SOON sentence that really made was curious and provoked various speculations about laptop newest that will be released by Dell.

The news was strongest that currently exhales was the news that Adamo was the new Dell weapon that reportedly will be thinner than Apple Macbook Air. This news came rom one of the columns in fashion site UptownLife that touched on the Adamo emergence that will touch on the existence Macbook Water. Traced in true or not this column, the fact is at this time the column that headed the gossip about Adamo already was not again in the website. And now the problem why the public like
that was sure that the theme that was similar from this column about Adamo that will compete with Macbook Air was a secret baldness from Dell. As validate these information ?

To some blog New York Times discussed about this column and gossip bellows that increasingly spread. In one of the columns said that Michael Tatelman one of the Vice Presidents was from Dell seen somewhat nervous when being asked concerning the Adamo existence that reportedly will become the heavy rival Macbook Air. He only spoke "I think we needed several products that will become the icon, so as Dell
brand will be judged more by consument".

If laptop thin was one of the Dell methods of carrying out efficiency green technology, so that was kept secret by Dell about Adamo. It was clear that Adamo has more previously was promised by Dell to "the world's greenest laptop" before eceiving the degree "the world's thinnest laptop."


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