It is time to invest in gold?

Sunday, January 30, 2011 Leave a Comment

The gold prices of an ounce of silver has exceeded the threshold of $ 21.35 and reached the highest level in the last thirty years, as investors became more accessible after the value of an ounce of gold reached a record high. The ounce of silver reached a value of $ 21.38, three cents above the price last record was March 2008 and the companies on a level that was never made since September 1980 reached. At the same time an ounce of price of gold hit a new high of $ 1,298.35.

Both the advantages of the precious metal are the devaluation of the dollar, buying gold and silver, attractive for investors with the gold price, the other currencies. Silver, which uses the advantage of being a precious metal, but also in industry, is a cheaper alternative to gold for some investors. It is time to invest? What the experts say? The price of gold could rise further after hitting a new record, but it is a safe investment, said recently that American billionaire George Soros. "I think that gold will remain at current levels. There are two extreme situations that can lead to a rise in gold prices. One is inflation, not in developed economies and not the second there is the risk of collapse of global financial system.


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