cFosSpeed v5.00 - New Version of cFosSpeed

Friday, October 30, 2009 Leave a Comment

cFosSpeed is a network driver that optimises data transfer through Traffic Shaping. This technology allows cFosSpeed to minimise ping times while ensuring maximum data throughput and Voice-over-IP quality. For more information see

The most important improvements of cFosSpeed v5.00 are:

* Real-time Traffic Analysis: cFosSpeed can analyse traffic for different protocols and used programs and visualize these different traffic streams graphically in real-time. To do that there are two now status windows and a new dialog, by which the user can setup the assignment of different traffic streams to the respective graphs. This allows detailed analysis and thus comprehensive knowledge which traffic streams use how much bandwidth.

* New dynamic Ping Engine: for traffic shaping to function properly, cFosSpeed must know when the Internet connection begins to congest, i.e. when the ping time to the next hop begins to increase. This is now probed in a much more reliable and much more precise way. cFosSpeed can now simultaneously use up to 5 different ping variants, each for different hops respectively: ICMP, UDP and TCP in kernel-mode and ICMP, UDP in user-mode. Thereby the pings can pass common firewalls and filters in routers more reliably. cFosSpeed can even switch from one pinger to another dynamically during normal operations.

* cFosSpeed is Windows 7 compatible.

* Lots of other improvements, like better Layer-7 detection, new format for IP filter lists, new dialogs, improved Traffic Shaping calibration, as well as important bugfixes.



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