Avoid Losses When Trading

Saturday, September 19, 2009 Leave a Comment

For online businesses, especially in the field of trading beginner traders like me there are few tips to reduce the loss or damage when playing trading. There was nothing to guarantee profit and loss when treed, all was back to the luck factor, why do I say so, because many traders evidence that the expert or the expert's analysis is fundamentally good, nor dare to use the technical expert to ensure that not even to say conclusively that their analysis was correct and accurate. But that does not mean the analysis is not correct or not needs to be done; I mean trading market here can not be predictable and always changing. Therefore we must be smart in analyzing the right time when order.

Given the currency movements continue to run in real time, which in essence we should be able to predict through this analysis, not just guessing. Important factor to consider is psychic. We must be able controlling our emotions because it will have a negative impact that will cause you to lose. To avoid losses, put a stop loss order at the time, to avoid bigger losses. Before the announcement notice order the latest news on trading markets. Then choose the appropriate option picks with your character. You must be sure that the OPTION PICKS that you choose can be controlled. After that, do not order more than 20% of your capital, because the rest can be used to keep losses at the time of currency movements opposite the direction we have set.

Play in the currency which has the lowest spreads. Its function is to maximize profit and minimize loss. Do not be too trusting and relying on charts, because it could have been a drastic movement, can suddenly rise or fall. We recommend using indicator chart setting with 15-minute time frame. Usually when the market release about this time that there was a movement started. If you can avoid playing Day of Friday, because according to the movement of personal experience it's hard to predict, might be due before the market closure. I hope my tips are useful and safe to enjoy success in trading.


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