New Entrecard Toolbar Update

Thursday, August 27, 2009 Leave a Comment

The latest version of the entrecard toolbar is currently 0.9.3 and also available for download. What's new in the this version?

* The toolbar only works with Firefox 3 or later. This will not work with other web browsers.

* You must have an Entrecard account, the toolbar provides no functionality otherwise.

* The toolbar should be compatible with Firefox on all operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux

* Under NO circumstances should you download the toolbar from any other source than Entrecard itself. Using modifications by third parties may result in the theft of your account information.

* The Entrecard toolbar does not keep track of any browsing habits or information other than that directly relevant to your Entrecard operations. If there is no widget on a page, the toolbar will pay no attention to it.

Download The Toolbar: http://entrecard.com/page/ec_toolbar


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