Free Download CCleaner v2.22 - Newest Version

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Leave a Comment

Free Download CCleaner v2.22, download ccleaner, ccleaner new releaseNew release of CCleaner is available for download, what's new in this latest version?

Better Results Summary
When you click Analyze or Run Cleaner, you'll see a new results page. The development Team have redesigned it so that you can see an overview of files by application and details on each file to be deleted. You can also sort the list and do a drill-down search for specific items.

Improved Browser Support
CCleaner now has better support for Opera 10 and Safari 4.0.

Full change log:
CCleaner v2.22
* Redesign of Cleaner results panel.
* Added support for Opera 10 Beta.
* Added support for Safari 4.0.
* Added search to Uninstall tool.
* Added search to Cookies screen.
* Improved User assist cleaning in Windows 7.
* Fixed bug in OpenOffice cleaning.
* Fixed IE8 SuggestedSites.dat cleaning support.
* Fixed UI bugs.

Download Here:


  • DEVIL DIVINITY said:  

    Any crack or crack 4 it??

  • riéz said:  

    @devil deninity,
    this is a freeware, no need crack or patch programs :)

  • Health Blog said:  

    like this,Try it...

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