First Award and Top EntreCard Droppers for June 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009 Leave a Comment

Bertuah Award 2009I'm very glad, in bustle of offline world that enough make me take distance from blogging, there is a friend gave me an award. For me, is a motivation that make me still loving blogging activity. This award is the first during I blogging in www.thinksfree.info. The name of this award is Bertuah Award 2009. Bertuah in the Indonesian language means to give a suggestions or an advice.

But apart from that, the function of this award is not to give advice, but more as a brace between the friendship sense of bloggers, especially as a tribute to friends who are very helpful or who have useful blogs. In this case, I wanna thank you in advanced for bro Latuminggi, the blog owners of M.O.G (Magz of Latuminggi) that assume my blog has been helpful, and also praised that the display of my blog is professional, but still personal in sight. Once again, thank you! Your blog is also very good, clean-look, and fast of loading page. Also your style of writing is good, both on language and grammar.

As always, behind of giving an award, there are certain tasks or homework to be done by award recipient (In this case for me :D). And for this Bertuah Award, the rule is (taken from M.O.G):

1. Make a post that blog the picture of this award on your blog,
2. Say who given this award along with the link of them blog,
3. Give this award to 10 friends,
4. Visit their blog and tell if there's award for them, and
5. Do the same thing as who given this award to you.

And the 10 friends that are lucky to receive this award are:

- http://protechmedia.biz
- http://a2i3s-c0ol.blogspot.com
- http://tehtubruk.com
- http://lylafitri.com
- http://quinsha.blogspot.com
- http://blog.hangganuarta.com
- http://dedeandro.blogspot.com
- http://www.bellamybuzz.com
- http://www.nicamperenique.com
- http://whoeverme.co.nr

I choose you because you have inspired many in my blogging activity. Happy to receive the this Bertuah 2009 Award!

Well, other share an award for ten friends at the top, I wanna also share a prize to the top 10 entrecard droppers on this blog for June. Who are they? They are:

- The Credit Bum
- Dungeons and Dragons Corner
- airfare-now.com
- A Pinch of Thought
- Animal Crossing Wild World Cheats
- Darnuth Keep
- No Sense Like Nonsense
- A Happy Marriage
- Money Snip
- Online Marketing

Thank you for being loyal Entrecard droppers on my blog! Love you so much! :D


  • Hangga Nuarta said:  

    Thanks 4 the award! :D

  • draxc0la said:  

    thanks for 4ward friends

  • Anonymous said:  

    Hi there, thanks for the award. I will grab it soon :)

    - Regards

  • Lyla said:  

    thx ya award nya :) kapan2 saya posting :)

  • Kimmy said:  

    thx you for the award :)

  • BIZRIL said:  

    I say so, this blog portal is very appropriate to got this award. nice, cool, simple design but full with contents, easy to load and have not much cookies put in my compie :D
    Keep on moving and give us a better way !!

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