Bomb explosion at JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton Hotel

Sunday, July 19, 2009 Leave a Comment

Indonesia is sorrow again. After at 2003 ago Jakarta bedlam with bomb explosion at JW Marriot hotel in Mega Kuningan area, Thursday July 17th 2009 explosion happened again yesterday. Even this time the explosion occurred not only at the JW Marriot hotel, but also in the Ritz Carlton hotel. The hotel where Manchester United players will stay at competition against the Indonesia’s All Star team, July 20th 2009. Of course, the MU team does not want to take the risk of death futile if there is continuation bomb explosion. Through their site, MU cancel them visit to Indonesia. What happened? Of course MU fans across the country will be very disappointed about this. Sponsors are also big losers. In fact, there is spread news that the Indonesia’s committee is loss of 50 billions Rupiahs.

But more than that, the larger impact is of the image of the Indonesian nation itself. The image that start be better in International is down again. Tourism has begun to improve down again also. 9 victims killed and dozens other injured coz the explosion in the Ritz Carlton hotel and JW Marriot hotel yesterday, making thousands of foreign tourists who are vacationing in the Indonesia close them holiday earlier. They fear experiencing the same thing. As a result, country’s foreign exchange income decreased dramatically.

I wonder (at the same time indignant) why the perpetrators of this blasting so no mercy. Whatever them reasons, I really do not agree (and curse) for actions such as this terrorism. I strongly support the government and police efforts to continue to pursue and punish the perpetrators blasting at the hotel Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot so heavy. Be patience Indonesia!


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