Wanna be a Microsoft Certified Professionals?

Thursday, June 4, 2009 Leave a Comment

This recent days, being a computer user or computer programmer is an ordinary thing. The extra ordinary thing if some big corporation (e.g. Microsoft and Apple) is certified your ability.

This is a great opportunity to make your dream, to be a Microsoft Certified Professionals, come true. Visit Countrywide Training and get the information from their staff. And then, just follow the course in certification boot camps and do the instructions given by the highly experienced trainer, and you can be one of Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Never worry about the accommodation for the course, The Microsoft boot camp hold the course in a very comfortable place. Besides the necessary learning materials, you will have breakfast, coffebreak and lunch in Georgian style. You'll have a "never forgotten" experience while taking this boot camp. The fee you afford for the bootcamp is none if you compared the fee to everything you get from there. The fee includes the airfare and hotel reservation while you there. You will also get an Apple Ipod touch that contain Microsoft certification training. The 7 days you spent will brought you to a new brighter world, because the trainer there will train you in a very unique way with a very amazing curriculum that you never seen before.


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