Februari Top EC Dropper - let's be a Top Dropper in March!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 Leave a Comment

Februari Top EC DropperDuring the month I rarely even make the event dopping EC as always, for various reasons. But I very happy, to the friends who remain loyal to visit this blog for dropping EC, actively every day, thanks a lot.

I promise this week will be more active again in dropping the EC and will reply to each visit of all. Especially for my honey, Thanks for your support, u're my spirit, luv u so much... cozy

Thanks to my active dropper, and this is the top 10 EC Dropper in February

http://ThemeLib.com # 30
http://all-blogspot-templates.blogspot.com/ # 30
http://health.duniasoer.com # 30
http://all-contests.blogspot.com/ # 29
http://duniasoer.blogspot.com # 26
http://www.artjoolree.com # 27
http://www.makemoneyonlinewithejcooksey.com # 24
http://www.money-attraction.com # 22
http://blurnot.blogspot.com # 21
http://www.speakwealthnow.com/ # 20

Thanks for All... hopefully meet later in the TOP EC Dropper of March!


  • Lyla said:  

    weks aku belum masuk ya... hehe... soalnya kan baru kemarin2 rajin drop lagi :D

  • Dhe said:  

    suit.. suit... sapa neh honey nya .. kenalan dunk ^^

    btw.. slamat yah^^

  • Dhe said:  

    wah?? makasih yah my honey (kwakakak....)(kegeeran modeON)

    ikutan ahh ..
    Thanks 2 for your support, luv u so much... (cozy)
    (kegeeran modeON)

    kwakakakk... kaburr ahh(spam modeON)

  • a2i3s said:  


    hehe, ayo dunks yang rajin biar bulan depan masuk Top EC Dropper ^^


    waduuhhh... *geer neh* :D

  • Dhe said:  

    ga ngerti ahh... (doh) (pembicaran manusia dewasa.. kok daku kayak nyamuk yah...kwakakakakkk, ada di antara.. kwakakak.. kabur 4 4ever ahh)

  • denologis said:  

    sip, wish u luck brada!

  • Diary Pink said:  

    mau drop ec biar jadi top dropper :D tp gak ada EC nya hehehee

  • Anonymous said:  

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  • Punkchonomic said:  

    Well, To bad that Entrecard can only use bye the blog that wrote in English.. :(

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