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To buy one laptop certainly you were brought face to face with much consideration, definitely so that you could get laptop that was most perfect and exact with all the requirements and your activity. Consideration like the performance and connectifity definitely became rumours was most important, but by that still had several factors that must be considered and you did not lose important. Like the measurement, heavy, wide the screen, battery life, and the quality from keyboard. Supervised this had several factors that will be discussed that possibly more or less could help you considered laptop whatever that was just right for you.

The processor with Intel Dual-core could help laptop increased the performance obviously. Many test was done in laptop by comparing the processor single-core and dual-core, and was proven the processor dual-core gave the contribution that was significant enough in the matter of the speed and multi-tasking compared to laptop with the processor single-core. At this time had enough references for the election laptop with the processor dual-core like Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, and Core 2 of Extreme, that was proven to be clear increased the performance laptop obviously. Several laptop also used AMD’s Athlon Turion 64 of X2 dual-core processor, that also increased the achievement laptop with very good. Both Turion 64 X2 and Core 2 Duo together supported 64-bit that could execute many new applications without the obstacle.

System Memory
If you bought laptop with expensive price in general will be supplied with the memory of 1GB. But at this time also already many laptop that was available with the memory capacity until 2GB. That became consideration was if you at this time bought laptop with the memory capacity 2 GB then you might not hurry to upgrade it again to the front.

Ghraphic Memory
To most portable PC was divided into two types of the video chip sets, that is dedicated the video and integrated graphics. To the video chip the set most were produced nVidia and ATI/AMD, now to integrated graphics usually Intelligence labeled. If you want to used your laptop to undertake simple game also, then chose dedicated graphics, and for you who really wanted to play games in laptop, not only that was just simple, laptop must be supplied with 3D graphic memory that was higher, because of course heavy game will use big memories in laptop. Chose dedicated graphic the memory with capacity 256MB until 512MB or more. In laptop the type high-end desktop-replacement usually has been supplied with graphic memory that was sophisticated enough. Now integrated graphic memory it seems be suitable laptops that was used for the interests of the business only, but for the use of Windows Vista in laptop the business certainly needed graphic memory that more powerful. At this time had several laptop that offered the Scalable Link Interface ease (SLI), that meaning that in laptop with this technology could undertake multiple graphic chips at the same time. Like in Alienware’s the area of 51M m15x that carried two of nVidia GeForce 8800M GTX cards to machine cabin.

The laptop screen directly reflected comfort in using portable PC, that basically was increasingly big and wide then will be increasingly comfortable our eyes enjoyed display laptop, at first again when watching the film in laptop. At this time was gotten by plenty of measurements that could be chosen by you in accordance with your requirement, and for the aspect of the quality really straight compare with the price laptop on the whole. Increasingly expensive laptop then must be increasingly good the quality of the screen.

It was big that the small size of the screen laptop very influential against heavy and the mobility practicability. If you had heterogenous the activity that required you there come here, chose laptop with the measurement 12,1 or 13.3 inch, with the model widescreen better. However if you not the person who was necessary to there come here for the activity, then chose laptop with the measurement around 17 inch or again wider, nearby comfortable, and you too will received maximal results during use the laptop.

Life battery in laptop every time always was developed to receive good and durable results. To an amount test that was carried out, laptop that used Core Duo or Core 2 Duo could in general remain till 3.5 hours. But in practice the use not only to the processor but also will be used to wireless receiver or burning that ate many powers from the battery. That must be paid attention to by you were the number cell to the battery that was brought by laptop, even more then increasingly durable. The example 6-cell battery far more durable was compared 3-cell battery. However the consequences also increasingly will increase heavy in laptop. However had several laptop vendor that enclosed also extended battery. Generally laptop with the small measurement had battery endurance that more than laptop the type desktop-replacement with the big measurement.


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